How Local SEO Can Make or Break your SEO Strategy

//How Local SEO Can Make or Break your SEO Strategy

How Local SEO Can Make or Break your SEO Strategy

For many years, traditional brick and mortar stores have been regarded as the cornerstones of their local communities.

Today, the explosive growth of digital and mobile technology means traditional stores (with a physical location) are no longer the pillars of the community they once were. With customers able to browse the internet for a seemingly never-ending range of products, services and offers, it has never been easier to lose custom to a competitor.

With so much change in the digital landscape, businesses with no local or mobile strategy will quickly find that they cannot meet the needs of their digitally savvy customers.

Today’s typical digital user is no-longer restricted by the constraints of traditional forms of marketing.

Partly due to the ease at which information can now be accessed, Millennial’s place a higher focus on convenience, responsiveness and user feedback than previous generations. This means monitoring and maintaining your online reputation can now play a key role in helping build your domain authority and thus gain new customers.

How to be successful in local?

In order to be successful in local search, modern day brands need to ensure their digital capabilities are flexible enough to be easily adaptable to the fast-changing habits of modern day customers.

The dynamic nature of the digital landscape means having a search strategy which incorporates optimisation for both mobile and local searchers is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Therefore, meeting the needs of your customers by providing more personalised, device responsive content should now be seen as the standard.

As the internet grows (and reduces our degrees of separation) customer buying preferences will continue to evolve, meaning getting local SEO right will be become an increasingly vital step having a successful digital marketing strategy.

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