The Ultimate SEO Glossary

ALGORITHM A complex computer program that utilises pre-set rules to perform a self-contained sequence of actions. Algorithms can perform many functions including, calculations, data processing and further automated tasks. Search engines use algorithms to determine the position of a web page in the search results. ALT TEXT Part of the html code behind [...]

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How Local SEO Can Make or Break your SEO Strategy

For many years, traditional brick and mortar stores have been regarded as the cornerstones of their local communities. Today, the explosive growth of digital and mobile technology means traditional stores (with a physical location) are no longer the pillars of the community they once were. With customers able to browse the internet for a [...]

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Creating the Perfect URL

  Navigation: The navigation of your website should be based on validated ( HTML and CSS. If JavaScript is being used for the navigation then there should be a HTML alternative contained within a <noscript> tag. The navigation you choose should be built with a flat structure. If possible you want to try and [...]

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9 SEO Strategies for Success

2017 has seen no letup in the growth of digital technology. As the digital landscape continues to change at lightning speed a high level of flexibility is required from your digital marketing strategy. Businesses unwilling to accept or fully embrace technological change will soon find their search strategy out-dated, making it a struggle to attract potential customers. When you consider around 93% of online experiences begin [...]

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